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Make your own rules this season and be true to yourself with the daring new collection from POLICE. These bold, contemporary shapes will awaken the real you and set you apart from the masses. It takes a strong urban spirit to live life on your own terms and in today’s jungle, attitude is everything. From the adventurous to the casual, the brand new collection from Police is for guys with one thing on their mind… authenticity. Reveal your true colors this season and join the ranks of the Police style revolution.

Put time on your side with the innovative new watch collection from POLICE. This season, it’s all about big, bold and larger than life. In a fusion of contemporary and vintage styles, the brand new watch collection from Police will inspire you to strike out on your own. These accentuated designs are loud and strong but not without the intricate details that make Police watches so iconic. Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future but the time is now…make it happen with Police.

Bring out your rebellious side with the hot new jewellery collection from POLICE. From razor sharp edges to smooth contemporary lines, your sense of adventure will be reawakened. With innovative antique plating, stainless steel and braided leather, this season, the past will meet the future. From oversized bracelets to subtle dog tags, the Police style revolution is back. Create your own legend this season and find your authenticity with the brand new jewellery collection from Police.

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